Open Source Veteran, Dirk Hohndel, Takes On Blockchain With Cardano Foundation

Dirk Hohndel, an open-source veteran, has transformed companies like Intel and VMware to be leaders in open source. He has devoted his time to helping companies better understand open source and create open-source strategies around their technologies. Hohndel recently joined Cardano Foundation ( as its Chief Open Source Officer. In this episode of Let’s Talk, Hohndel talks about why he joined the Foundation, which contrary to his previous jobs is already an open-source organization and might not have the same challenges that were there with Intel and VMware.

When asked what attracted him to Cardano Foundation, he said, “There is a lot of skepticism around blockchain technologies. And so, to me, that was a perfect combination to find a space where I could once again do my thing and help bring open source methodology into a new industry.”

00:00 Intro
0:35 What attracted Dirk to Cardano Foundation
3:07 What is Cardano all about?
5:53 Impact of geopolitical conflict on Blockchain
9:06 Cardano already does a lot of open sources, so what challenge is there for Dirk?
12:10 Too many Blockchain projects and initiatives, any consolidation in sight?
16:25 What challenges do you see in blockchain space?
19:24 Widespread adoption of blockchain technologies?
24:00 Wrap-up
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