Part 2 - Can Blockchain Revolutionize Global Trade - WTO Regulated Blockchain DocOverview (MLETR)

Welcome to part 2. I hope you are ready for some deep DLT knowledge! I found this World Trade Organization document as I was deep-searching the web, it is filled with gems of information for deep thinkers that want to learn how blockchain is revolutionizing global industries. I provide my insights from important parts of this document comparing to what was being said in 2018 and what I have seen following the revolution the last couple of years.

Please note this was a 163-page document and it took me 5 hours to read, take notes, and record and edit. I made it into a three-part series.

If you are paying attention you will gain a lot of knowledge to see how things have been evolving over the years.

❗️Disclaimer: This is not financial advice❗️
This is based on regulated content so can be boring in some spots.
I am not paid to create any of this, I create this to try and spread awareness of what mainstream media is not covering.

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