Phil Runyan: Using blockchain technology in the gambling space | Hashing It Out Ep. 18

In this episode of #HashingItOut, Becky Liggero talks to Veridat CEO Phil Runyan during the World GES conference in Barcelona, where Runyan participated in some panel discussions to educate gambling industry professionals on the powers of blockchain—in particular, the #BSVBlockchain.

They discussed how using blockchain technology can be utilized more in the gambling industry for ease of use, especially when a single ID for players that is validated on-chain can be owned and used by individual players."You’re not going to have to input all of your credit card details every single time. All your bank transfer information, already exists, it’s captured, and it’s very similar to Amazon or the app stores.

It’s just one, two a click, a swipe, whatever it may be, and you would be able to either fund or even potentially work from your own account. So instead of funding, you connect your wallet to the application itself which again allows you to grab your ID, as well as have funds available to be able to gamble," Runyan said.


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