PhotoChromic - Biometrically Managed Self Sovereign Identity on the Blockchain!

Enter PhotoChromic. This blockchain project aims to provide netizens with a way to tokenize their identities using NFT “holograms”, creating a framework that easily allows you to manage your identity... No matter if it is on a blockchain network, software services, or decentralized apps. Photochromic makes use of a concept that has been around for decades: Self-Sovereign Identity. https://sovrin.org/faq/what-is-self-sovereign-identity/ SSI allows people to surf the web while having complete control over their digital identities by not depending on third-party providers.
In the same way that Cryptocurrencies remove the need for central banks when using money, SSIs would remove the need for companies like Google, Facebook, and others when it comes to identifying yourself online. As I said before, SSIs have been around for a while despite no single protocol being widely adopted. The reason for this lack of popularity is simple: they are unintuitive, not easily integrable, lack broad applications, and are not highly secure.
By harvesting blockchain technology and its increasing popularity, PhotoChromic has developed an intuitive SSI platform that aggregates government-backed identity verification, proof of liveness, and other personal attributes, tokenizing them into an NFT that can be used online.
You can think of this solution as a digital ID that is stored as an ERC-721 NFT. The advantages of this are huge: You have the security and transparency that Blockchain provides, the convenience of it being a digital asset you can access and share anywhere, and the control it gives you over who can access it at any given time. One of the most interesting aspects of PhotoChromic is that as it aggregates government-back identity verification, it can be used for way more than just accessing online services. This means it can easily be used to connect to banks, government services, and other use cases that you are likely to use every day.


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