Platform that leverages Blockchain Technology to REWARD the creative endeavours of Musical Artists !

Many industries are adopting to blockchain technology – and the latest among them is the music industry!
Klangaverse is a platform that uses blockchain technology.
This platform brings artists and their fans together –by by-passing third parties like
distributors or promoters.
For years, artists haven’t been adequately rewarded for their talent.
A significant percentage of their revenue went to the intermediaries involved in making the music
Klangaverse solves this problem by allowing artists to produce and distribute their music as NFT.
So - a music fan can directly pay to an artist's crypto wallet.
Moreover, as you know under the current system, music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple music take away the artist's ownership rights.
Klangaverse solved this problem by creating a system that rewards artists based on streaming activity. Now let’s talk about KLG - the utility token of the Klangaverse ecosystem

KLG has two features:
First - It’s used for managing fans and artists on the platform.
And secondly, it can be used to pay artists for every piece of music minted on Klangaverse.
With this token - artists will gain complete control of their royalties
While token holders can decide the future of the platform by voting on new features and policies
Overall, Klangaverse looks like a good investment option.
Anyone who purchases Klangaverse ($KLG) with Solana during its presale will receive a 14% bonus
Whether you opt to invest or not – I would definitely suggest you join the platform and check some of the seamless music out there!
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