Premier XSPECTAR Interview with founder DIRK - 2 Month Update - NFTs - Metaverse XRPL 8888



Twitter: @xspectar
Twitter Dirk: @XPunkDS

xSPECTAR is the Xclusive Society for the Protection of your Equity, Currencies, Tokens, Assets and Realty on the XRPL.

Founded by seasoned experts across a range of industries, our diverse team showcase a background in Real-Estate, Law, Finances, Gambling, Art and IT; with mutual interests in blockchain technology. We have joined forces to bring the xSPECTAR vision to life by creating a specialty web3-project in the metaverse realm. Our passion is to share our business experiences, networks and successes with the members of the society with the power of blockchain technology. We strive to lead and transform by becoming the most innovative project within the space.

eXpect a lot from us…

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