Profitable Crypto Mining Strategy 2023 - $110k Solar Farm +8 ASICs KA3, K7, HS3 - KDA, CKB, HNS, BTC

My strategy on how to be profitable crypto mining in 2023 – the installation of a $110,000 30kw ground mounted solar farm to lower my average cost of power to 7c per kw/hr. In addition, switching to buying ASIC miners to increase profitability. I bought two Bitmain Antminer KA3, Kadena miners, one K7, Nervos (CKB) miner, one HS3 Handshake (HNS) miner and four Bitcoin Bitmain Antminer S19j PRO 104 TH miners.

0:00 Intro
1:38 Overall Strategy
3:26 30kw $110k Solar Farm
4:52 7c per kW/hr mining
6:49 Threshold of profitability
8:24 ASIC Overview
8:56 ASIC Profitability Overview
9:35 Kadena KA3 Crypto Discussion
10:52 Nervos CKB Crypto Discussion
11:47 iBeLink BM-K3 profitability
12:14 Handshake HS3 Crypto Discussion
13:35 Release Date of KA3, K7, HS3
13:55 Thoughts on L7 Script ASIC
14:28 KA3, K7, HS3, S19jPro ASICs Bought
15:31 Comparing current price of ASIC to what I paid
16:00 2 x KA3 for the price of 1
17:05 HS3 ASIC gamble
17:26 40kw of power use
17:57 Bitcoin S19jPRO 104TH
18:25 Mine, Buy or Stake Strategy
19:51 Crypto Price Prediction
20:22 Summary
Cryptocurrency Mining
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