Quant (QNT) Technical Analysis & Price Prediction for 2021:2022!

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0:00 Intro to QNT TA
0:41 Fundamental Analysis
6:00 QNT Technical Indicators
10:55 QNT Charting Analysis (Tokenomics & Price Prediction)

Professor Blockchain is not a licensed financial advisor and is here under this likeness for entertainment purposes only. Please do not take anything you see or hear on this channel ever as financial advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies at the wrong time can come with serious losses so please always consult your financial advisor before making any new investments.

All of the information found in this video is found publicly available to all on the internet. This information might have been doctored or misrepresented from its original form. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the persons that are ever discussed in our "class". We're merely showing what you could find through a Google or DuckDuckGo search of your own of what was said through their social media accounts. We on occasion make errors of our own so please make sure to always verify what Professor Blockchain covers in class for yourself. Also, KCU is not a real university.

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