RecruitCoin Moving the Recruiting Process to the Blockchain how to Participate in the Public Sale

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00:00 Introduction
00:38 What is RecruitCoin?
02:25 Set Up Your Polygon Wallet
03:58 Register Your RecruitCoin Account
04:12 Connect Your Polygon Wallet to Your RecruitCoin Account
04:49 Complete KYC Identity Verification
05:16 The Three Ways to Participate
05:41 Ethereum Payment: Whitelist Your Ethereum Wallet Address
06:30 Ethereum Payment: Make Sure Your Have Enough Ethereum tokens to cover Your Purchase
07:15 Ethereum Payment: Send Your Ethereum Tokens to the RecruitCoin Address
08:25 Ethereum Payment: confirm Your Transfer by Pasting in Your Transaction ID
09:25 Check Your Confirmation Emails
9:40 Tether Payment: Make Sure You have Polygon-based Tether in your Connected Wallet
10:10 Tether Payment: Make Sure You have Enough MATIC in the Wallet to cover Your Fees
10:41 Tether Payment: Convert Your Tether to Polygon Format (if necessary)
11:20 Tether Payment: Completer Your Payment Using You Polygon Wallet
11:59 Credit Card Payment
12:41 Claim RecruitCoin Token Process
13:14 Use Your Referral code to Invite Others
13:49 Check your Transaction History
14:04 Overview

Polygon Wallet Suite

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