RedLight Finance - Gasless Blockchain solving the blockchain trilemma

About $REDLC and the Gasless Blockchain
Redlight Chain is a layer 1 EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchain that revolutionizes traditional EVM-compatible blockchains. It is also an ecosystem that opens up the world of encryption to anyone who wants to find secure, decentralized, and scalable solutions.

The platform also demonstrates the appropriate capabilities and advantages of smart contracts and NFTs.

$REDLC wants to solve the problems of traditional blockchains because most real-world industries/companies don't want to pay gas to execute transactions. The project has this issue as its primary purpose, in addition to its mission to develop a blockchain-compatible EVM that targets scalability, decentralization, and security.

Scalability refers to a blockchain maintaining its transaction/block speed and output as users/industry grow and expand. To this end, $REDLC allows blockchain to be integrated into industries that rely on transactions to pass or use information from one point to another.

Website: https://redlight.finance/


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