Rich From RAVENCOIN Mining??? | RVN Farm Update

In this video we cover how its going pool mining our farm with Ravencoin.
Some of the struggles and lessons I am learning and logistics while mining other coins like Raptoreum. We also announce!!! our partnership with Cryptee (your site for Crypto Merchandise)
We also created a new Discord Crypto Kingdom come join us.

I am dubbing the month of December the Month of Ravencoin.
Ravencoin is having a Halvening in January 2022 this means its rewards will be payed out in half.

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#LHR Unlock RTX 3060 T-REX MINER V 0.22.1

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0:00 Intro
0:14 Pulse check on RVN Pool mining
2:08 bumps and bruises
5:19 need a 30 amp PDU and electric expansion
8:22 Partnership with

Rich From RAVENCOIN Mining??? | RVN Farm Update

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This is NOT financial advice and I am NOT a financial advisor. Building mining equipment is expensive and can be risky. Crypto Currency is very volatile and the prices change daily. Please do your own research before investing!!

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