RIP GPUs. This FPGA is INSANE on ETHEREUM. (Xilinx C1100 Ethereum Mining Hashrate)

In this video I test the mining performance of Xilinx Varium C1100 FPGA which is the most efficient Ethereum miner I've ever tested. It's INSANE. I provide an overview of the FPGA, install a custom cooler, and test the hashrate for Ethereum in Hive OS with Team Red Miner.

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Current Favorite GPUs:
▶️ RX 6600:
▶️ RX 6600 XT:
▶️ RTX 3090:

Mining Rig Parts I Use:
▶️ 6-GPU Frame:
▶️ 8-GPU Frame:
▶️ 12-GPU Frame:
▶️ Risers:
▶️ Risers:
▶️ PCIe Splitters:
▶️ MOBO:
▶️ CPU:
▶️ PSU:
▶️ RAM:
▶️ HDD:
▶️ Test Bench:
▶️ PDU:

Grow Tent Setup:
▶️ Tent:
▶️ Best Inline Fan:
▶️ Inline Fan:
▶️ Ducting:

Power Meter:
▶️ DROC AC Power Meter:
▶️ SpaceGoats DROC Power Meter Build:

Video Chapters:
00:00 Xilinx Varium C1100 FPGA Ethereum Mining is Amazing!
00:18 What is an FPGA Anyway?
01:07 How To Cool a C1100?
02:40 Getting Ready to Mine
03:16 What is the Stock Ethereum Hashrate for the C1100?
04:01 What is the MAX Ethereum Hashrate for the C1100?
04:49 Should You Buy this FPGA?

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