ross-mall usdt website review | signup bonus 10usdt | The most stable income online website 2023

ross-mall usdt website review | signup bonus 10usdt | The most stable income online website 2023

Register Link:-

invitation Code :- 5479350

Platform promotion link:https://ross-mall.com/D88i16
You are cordially invited to join Ross and get involved! This mall invites investment from all over the world, and friends with strength are welcome to contact us.
Sign-up bonus: 10 USDT, minimum deposit: 10 USDT
Mall customer service: https://t.me/ROSSmall
Three-level rebate: first-level rebate 13% second-level rebate 5% third-level rebate 2%
1: The recharge investment can only use USDT currency, and choose the TRC20 network.
2: The usage period of each VIP level is 365 days.
3: At the end of 24:00 Singapore time every day, new tasks will be refreshed, and rewards can be obtained for completing merchant orders every day.
4: You can only withdraw once a day, you can withdraw at any time, there is no time limit, the withdrawal will arrive within 1-5 minutes, 0 withdrawal fee, the minimum withdrawal amount: 1 USDT, and there is no upper limit for the maximum withdrawal.
VIP1 quota is 20USDT, earn 1.2USDT every day
VIP2 quota is 50USDT, earn 5USDT every day
VIP3 quota is 150USDT, earn 18USDT every day
VIP4 quota is 500USDT, earn 65USDT every day
VIP5 quota is 1500USDT, earn 210USDT every day
VIP6 quota is 3000USDT, earn 450USDT every day
VIP7 quota is 6000USDT, earn 960USDT every day
VIP8 quota is 12000USDT, earn 2040USDT every day
VIP9 quota is 20000USDT, earn 3600USDT every day
VIP10 quota is 50000USDT, earn 9500USDT every day
Rewards that your team will top up within 24 hours
24-hour team recharge 100USDT, reward 5USDT
24-hour team recharge 500USDT, reward 15USDT
24-hour team recharge 1000USDT, reward 30USDT
24-hour team recharge 5000USDT, reward 150USDT
24-hour team recharge 10000USDT, reward 300USDT
24-hour team recharge 50000USDT, reward 1,000 USDT
24-hour team recharge 100000USDT, reward 3,000 USDT
Bonuses can be withdrawn instantly and unlimited times. More commission rewards you if you re-expect

Contact For Paid Promotion:-
Telegram Contact:-
Telegram : @Exactfacts1

Email:- [email protected]

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