RTX 3060ti Mining In-depth Review and Mine 9 Types of Crypto Coins

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Welcome back to Manick Miners, Get ready for this awesome informational video where I am going to do in-depth review of RTX 3060ti Mining. I will tell you all the PROs & CONs which this 3060ti have. I am showing you the MHs of 9 popular & different types of crypto coins. Like - Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Raven, Ergo, Z, Veil, Conflux, and Beam. I hope guys you will love this RTX 3060ti in-depth review and don't forget to hit like and subscribe button. Share are much as you can, also comment down below on which topic you want me to do, for my next video. Thank You...

00:00 Intro
00:53 In-depth Review
01:11 PROs (Advantages)
01:31 CONs (Disadvantages)
02:00 What Coin To Mine
02:24 Ethereum Mining
03:20 Ethereum Classic Mining
03:43 Raven Coin Mining
04:00 Ergo Coin Mining
04:37 Z Coin Mining
04:52 Veil Coin Mining
05:00 Zeno Coin Mining
05:56 Conflux Coin Mining
06:15 Beam Coin Mining
06:30 9 Coins Mining Profitability

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