RTX 3070 LHR for Mining (Hashrate, Overclocks & Profit for Ethereum, Ravencoin, Flux, Firo & Ergo)

In this video I do a full review of the RTX 3070 LHR for mining crypto. I test the GPU in terms of highest possible hashrate, best efficiency, profitability and overclock settings. I do all of these test for 6 different crypto coins: Ethereum, Ravencoin, Flux, Firo, Ergo & Ethereum Classic. The first test I do on each coin is to see what hashrate and efficiency (hashrate per watt) we get at completely stock settings. I the start power limiting the GPU in MSI Afterburner to see what the best efficiency we can get at stock clocks is. I then put the power limit of the graphics card back to 100% and start to overclock the GPU to see what the highest possible hashrate we can get on the RTX 3070 LHR is. I then start limiting the power again to see what the best hashrate per watt we can get while overclocked is. For the final test, I switch over to using absolute core clock to see if we can get even better results in terms of efficiency or hashrate on the 3070 LHR this way. Once I've done all those tests for all 6 coins, we have a look at the results in a spreadsheet to evaluate the performance of the 3070 for mining. Finally, we then plug all these numbers into WhatToMine to see the current mining profits for the RTX 3070 LHR.

Cryptocurrency Mining
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