Saitama Whale (or founder?) Dumping Huge Amounts of Saitama Coin (with PROOF)

In this video, I am going to show with proof that either the coo of Saitama or someone really powerful at saitama who is also involved in Lilly Finance is dumping a large volume of saitama coins. Saitama is looking more like scam than ever before.

Here is the creator wallet:

The Saitama team claimed that they are going to teach young and Gen Z people "how money works while they invest" and "financial literacy". How were they going to do this? By selling them a memecoin.

The COO of Saitama LLC is announced as a co-founder of Lilly Finance and you will only be able to buy the Lilly token through Saitamask, the upcoming Saitama wallet.
So who is Lilly Finance? It is a subsidiary of a company called Lillian Bay Medical LLC. Lillian Bay was registered 2 years ago and works in medical wholesale. The CEO of Lillyan Bay has been accused of being a part of a multimillion-dollar fraud related to n95 mask distribution and is a defendant in a Racketeer, Influenced, and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) case.

Her is the Lilly Finance website:
You can see their corporate registration here:
You can read about the fraud accusation here:
You can follow the court filings related the the RICO case here:,_Inc_v_Safe_Harvest_Medical,_LLC

Here is the contact address if you want to have a look yourself:


There I found the address of the wallet that created and currently holds all of the Lilly supply.

You can find it here:

Of note is that the first and last transactions from the wallet that created Lillly are a round trip of ETH in and out from a top Saitama whale who has been in Saitama since day one.

Remember, the COO of Saitama LLC is on the board of Lilly Finance and is listed as a co-founder.

Here is that wallet address:

I don’t know what to make out of this, I leave it up to you but Saitama does not look good at all. I’m not buying Saitama.

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