SCPrime Incentives Update | Crypto Mining 2022

Today, i share the new information about the incentives and how they correlate to the uptime of your server, NAS or XA-Miner.
ScPrime is a sharing economy decentralized business class cloud storage using blockchain smart contracts for security, redundancy and performance.
SCPrime cloud storage is the project i cover in this video so you can start making passive income by mining!

These are all cryptoccurency projects that i have tried myself and really liked, their all pretty new and great opportunities to make a little extra money, dollars, euros, passive income on the side of your main 9 to 5 job, or at scale enven quit your job all together.

Let these crypto miners do the work for you, sit back, relax and have a hot coffee during this cold begining of 2022!

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This video was inspired by creators such as Vosk Coin, Jesse Eckel, Max Maher, Eddie Yoon, even Graham Stephan, aswell as Nerdy Dude Stuff, Jimmy is Promo, Eigen Tech, and Tactical Investing, etc...
This is not financial advice.
This video is however for educational purposes and does find itself in the finance, crypto & E-Commerce niche.

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