Seb takes over the Podcast! Mining Round Table [Ep. 12] Starting over with $50k, Mem temps in HiveOS

In today's episode of Mining Round Table podcast, Seb joins Red Fox Crypto & ChumpChangeXD as a guest while The Hobbyist Miner is away. After starting the podcast by discussing recent GPU mining gear that we've purchased (graphics cards for mining etc), we move onto the main topic of the day which is what we would do if we were to start mining again from scratch with a $50,000 budget. Oddly enough we all have similar answers with what gear we would get, including mentioning the same lineup of GPUs, Octominers and accessories. We then have a look at the fact that there are now two ways of viewing GPU memory temperatures inside HiveOS. And on the topic of HiveOS, Seb then explains his decision to move away from Windows on his mining rigs. The podcast then goes off on a 30 minute tangent with the guys just chatting generally about crypto mining.

Cryptocurrency Mining
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