Selling Watches For Bitcoin at Our 1st Crypto Show EVER! | CRM Life E33

With Bitcoin near $68,000, we attend our first crypto show ever to sell some watches! The Miami Crypto Experience at the James L. Knight Center turned out to be an amazing experience for a crypto friendly watch dealer!

Before we went to the show, we took a few days off to celebrate Crypto Dan's 50th birthday in Arizona. Betty, Carlos and Miss CRM joined in on the fun, as well as some of of our best friends. Now Betty doesn't have to feel so bad for holding the half-century torch by herself!

Even though you'll hear a lot about NFTs (as it pertains to art and the luxury watch industry), billion-dollar coins, and other crazy stuff that's pretty everyday in the crypto space, you'll also get to see what you normally come here for: a crazy family of Cubans hustling to make it in the ultra-competitive grey market. Yes, that's CRM Life!

Enjoy episode 33 and let us know what else you would like to see in our reality series!

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