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Another Ethereum whale wallet with almost $300 million in assets has contributed 72 billion SHIB tokens, valued at just more than $2.5 million, to its portfolio, making it one of the biggest in the world The whale's greatest holding is a cryptocurrency that was inspired by memes The movement was initially noticed by the whale tracking website WhaleStats, which noted that the transaction originated from such an Ethereum wallet whose identity is unknown to the leading Ethereum whale known as "Tsunade," according to the resource

Shiba Inu tokens hit a $0.00003210 low throughout a sell-off on December 4 a BNB whale acquired 99 billion of them for $3,7999,999. A site called WhaleStats has revealed this, which analyses the top 1,000 Ethereum wallets. Since Shiba Inu first appeared on the crypto market whales have been loading up on millions of the coins

Perhaps there was no difference this time as a BNB whale grabbed $ 3,799,999 worth of Shiba Inu to its portfolio and is based on the WhaleStats monitoring tool which provides a study of the top 1000 ETH vaults in terms of volume

About Shiba Inu it is one of the favorite cryptocurrency of one of the biggest Ethereum whales known as "Gimli" and it is despite of the ongoing market slaughter, which is generating a lot of buzz and enticing young investors to take risk by investing in the meme currency, $SHIB

However at least 28 billion Shiba Inu coins worth over $1 million have been added to a wallet that now owns approximately 1 trillion tokens in total Gimli the whale wallet started purchasing SHIB tokens in June and has now amassed $56 million in SHIB tokens Even though the dogecoin killer has lost more than forty five percent of its value in the last 30 days the Dogecoin competitor has surged in public appeal because of whales like 'Gimli who have continuously purchased the plunge

'Gimli has been very active in amassing SHIB tokens recently, as observed by WhaleStats on Twitter SHIB coins worth $1 million have previously been acquired by an unnamed whale in a deal of 24.8 billion tokens. And over 47,624 billion SHIB coins valued more than $1.7 billion are currently held in the top 1000 Ether wallets according to a second WhaleStats report Within a single day of trading in the latter week of November the 100 best Ethereum wallets carrying SHIB experienced an astounding 7 percent spike in accumulation

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