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Shiba Inu Coin with Shibarium Blockchain Latest Updates layer 2 scaling Solutions 2023 | Crypto News | Crypto News Today | Rajeev Anand
Shibarium Release Date
The Shibarium release date has been a subject of discussion recently, as it was due Q3 2022. As you know by now (!), it didn’t happen on time as Shiba developers couldn’t complete it.

The crypto influencer revealed a crucial detail – Shibarium is close to launching. The Shibarium might go live between January and February of 2023. Indeed, Shibarium is the last piece of the puzzle needed to transform the two-year-old meme coin into a self-sufficient ecosystem.

On Shibarium’s launch, Shiba Inu’s Bone ShibaSwap (BONE) will be used for gas fees. Besides, the launch of Shibarium would enable the team to introduce other upcoming products, including SHIB: The Metaverse and $SHI stablecoin.

Shibarium's launch is an exciting development for the Shiba Inu community as it opens up new possibilities for the coin. We can't wait to see what the team has for us next!

What Is Shibarium Blockchain?
Shibarium Blockchain is an L2 blockchain scaling solution provided by the Shiba Inu creator, Ryoshi, to decrease Shiba Inu’s dependence on its host chain, Ethereum. Also, Shubarium is intended to improve scalability and increase transaction speed.

Upon Shibarium’s launch, SHIB will migrate to layer 2, which may help SHIB’s price to hit new highs. This is why knowing the Shibarium release date is essential to numerous crypto enthusiasts.

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