Should cryptocurrency be regulated at all? | Sansad Watch Ep 16

Celebrities are lining up to advertise #cryptocurrency exchanges﹘asking people to throw money as if they're selling bhaji pav﹘and even news channels are getting in on the #crypto madness. But unlike bhaji pav, these virtual currencies in India are stuck in a legal grey area and there may be massive changes to how they are regulated.

In this episode, we explore what the government is doing to regulate the #currency, and if it should be regulated at all.


Draft Banning of Cryptocurrency & Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2019 - https://prsindia.org/billtrack/draft-banning-of-cryptocurrency-regulation-of-official-digital-currency-bill-2019
Report of the Committee to propose specific actions to be taken in relation to Virtual Currencies - https://prsindia.org/files/bills_acts/bills_parliament/1970/Report%20of%20the%20Inter-Ministerial%20Committee%20on%20Virtual%20Currencies.pdf

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