Siacoin Sucks - Here's How To NOT Build a Cryptocurrency...

Siacoin Sucks - Here's How To NOT Build a Cryptocurrency... Siacoin is a cryptocurrency building a decentralized web and file storage, so cool, so useful, BUT riddled with controversy. Siacoin sucks, and here's why! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Siacoin and their SC coin is an older cryptocurrency, it's mineable, previously with graphics cards but GPU mining was phased out with Siacoin ASIC miners, ironically Sia wanted to move to ASIC mining, so they launched a sub-company Obelisk to build and sell Siacoin ASIC miners but then Bitmain beat them to the punch with the A3 Blake2b miner but that's an old story and not even the issue today... Siacoin has literally millions of dollars worth of their SC token to invest in their community, hire development, support content creators and pay for crypto marketing, but instead they are likely just going to burn the coins. Imagine hiring a marketing agency, sending them millions of dollars, and then they decide eh, we will just throw this away, thanks, good luck! Well that's why Siacoin SC sucks, but here's the full story. Have an opinion? Voice it on their subreddit HERE!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 What happened with Siacoin?
01:51 Siacoin a cool mission but no future?
04:19 Are token burns counterproductive?
06:00 Grand Time
06:34 Proof of work coins not innovative enough?
07:52 Backlash in the Siacoin community because of the burn
10:43 Dumping your SC into BTC?
12:11 Decentralised storage is a good concept
13:23 The Siacoin foundation reacting to the backlash
14:50 Syscoin
16:42 What should Siacoin do with the funds instead of burning?
19:29 Veono

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