Solo Mining FUN with Raspberry Pi + AntMiner USB Stick

So if you’re on the fence about whether solo mining Bitcoin is worth it don’t worry because…

We’re going to see how much cash we can earn by solo mining Bitcoin on our Raspberry Pi for 24 hours.

This is an Ant Miner and it’s a piece of hardware designed to do only two things.

Look cool and run the sha256 hashing algorithm which is the algo used by most block chains to mine crypto.

First I need to get my bitcoin wallet address from my coinbase wallet which we will use to send any block rewards to.

Next we’ll connect our Antminer to our raspberry pi and boot it up.

Then we’re going to install CG Miner onto our Raspberry Pi

Next we’ll run the mining script which will use a solo mining pool.

(don’t judge my messy desk)

Now that the miner is running we can see this green led start blinking.

But is it all worth it?

Let’s find out.

So I let the miner run for a few hours, and here's what I found.

First off this thing is super hot I can barely touch it right now..

And you can see that we’re generating a hash rate of over 2 GH per second.

Which is actually pretty good.


Solo mining is kind of like playing the lottery - you could wake up one day and hit an entire block, earning over 200k in a single go but in order to do that we have to get lucky.

cgminer -o stratum+tcp://solo.ckpool.org:3333 -u bc1qanpggc7m7xd6fctqutdp9vs6s0q0h7gudj8es5 -p momjeans

cgminer -o [http://localhost:8332](http://localhost:8332/) -u username -p password --btc-address 15qSxP1SQcUX3o4nhkfdbgyoWEFMomJ4rZ

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