Splinterlands | Crypto Play to Earn NFT Metaverse Revolution

Theta Network, Axie Infinity, and The Sandbox Metaverse have all been exploding in popularity following Facebook's announcement to focus on NFT crypto gaming and Metaverse projects. Cryptocurrency loves the idea of play to earn blockchain games and NFTs, and in this video, we explore a true altcoin gem with massive upside potential: Splinterlands with token SPS.

⏱️ ⏱️ ⏱️ TIMESTAMPS ⏱️ ⏱️ ⏱️
0:00 Introduction to Theta, NFTs and Blockchain Gaming
3:03 Splinterlands SPS
5:47 Value Proposition
7:12 News and Updates
8:24 DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
9:31 Tokenomics of SPS Token
10:04 Growth and Longevity
10:24 Competition
11:07 Risk Factors

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