Standard-Setting Bodies & Connections of the Global Financial System | Research Visualization

Welcome to a 17 minute research documentary.

This is for someone interested in seeing a visualization of the regulated entities and consortiums that have played a part in creating our global monetary system.

If your in crypto for the innovation of financial markets you should also learn about the traditional system as well. Step away from the crypto meme coins and hype driven ecosystems and dive into some of the globe's top entities, building the framework for regulation in the crypto space.

The "shitcoin casino" cryptocurrency phase will not last forever as one day it will run out of Doge's and Lambo hype investors.

We created this research project to show some connections that every citizen should know exist. As they are the ones working on regulations to bring the Crypto / DLT markets to the same regulation and rules as the FIAT banking system.

This was a collaboration research project with anon researcher @XX_1133_1221_11.
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