Starcoin DEX LP Farming Starswap + NFT Mining on Kikoverse & Cosmic Condos Mars Metaverse NO ASIC

How To use the Starcoins DEX Starswap in online and Pays a High APR as does Kiko. Mainly about Starcoin STC but also Cosmic Condos on Mars and Cowboy NFT's in Wild West Verse Metaverse plays that pay out staking rewards!
Crypto mining and ASIC GPU Miners NFTs and such are all the rage! Mine Crypto with a Kikoverse NFT its easy and cheap! Use KIKOVERSE on the Starcoin Blockchain using the Starmask wallet. Mint these NFT's with Low save Gas fees its insane 2173 Trasactions for .10 cents Starcoin is a awesome project I am sure you will love I will post some links below here to Mint your own NFTs on KIKOVERSE or KIKO and check out the DUNE NFTs they may just be a item! How to buy NFTs Cheap easy and inexpensive! Low Power mining! LP Liquidity Provider Farming Rewards #p2E
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Starcoin is a Layer 1 and Layer 2 Blockchain the Coin or Token is $STC #STC . I am Mining it with ASIC Miners. The Star Coin Cryptocurrency is one that I mine ALOT of. This project is not new its been around since 2018 even having NFT's Powered by Facebooks MOVE used on Libra it combines a lot of Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETC and makes it better. Make sure and read up on Starcoin read the white paper you will be glad you did!! #starcoin #mining

Information about Starcoin STC is hard to find Mining on the Goldshell ST-Box is for sure Profitable at home or on a large scale. Cryptocurrency ASIC miners are where I have invested in Crypto mostly along with Buying BTC LTC DOGE and many other Projects / Coins / Tokens. Starcoin is a Blockchain tech Layer 1 & 2 with DAO, NFT, Dapp and Smart contract Owned by westar labs there is a Thor Protocol, Sirius and Stargate they have the Starmask Wallet and even ST Blockchain Explorer You should for sure read the white paper and research this project out its the real deal! Not only that its Proof of Work POW Mineable! one of my top coins I am invested in! Not only that the Low market cap and cheap price are attractive. Here is part of what they say on their website I mine mine on DXPOOL

A Layered Smart Contract and Distributed Financial Network
Starcoin is a blockchain project designed for distributed finance, inspired by Facebook's 2019 release of Libra and using its smart contract language Move which is designed specifically for distributed financial networks.
Inspired by Bitcoin and Ethereum, Starcoin aims to be an easy-to-use financial infrastructure for all users by improving the PoW algorithm and introducing a layered network architecture.
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Setting up to Mine Cryptocurrency Easy mining at home. Setup with Yotta BC to get the IP Address This process is the same for the KD-Box, CK-BOX, HS-BOX, Mini Doge, KD-Box and even CK5 KD5 HS3 etc Its pretty much same with Bitmain Antminer S9 S19 S17 T17 L7 L3 L3+ L3++ etc and other brands

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Mine your STC KDA CKB DOGE LTC SIA HNS And more at DXPOOL Here is a link


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Start Mining using CUDOMINER I do use it and it is pretty simple with any newer computer to start mining in around 10 to 20 mins HERE is a link ~

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