State of Ethereum Mining 24 June 2022, Profits, Network Hashrate, Blocktimes, Bomb Delay in 6 Days!

Keeping calm and carry on mining is my motto right now! Here's a quick summary of what's happening right now as a 4.5 GHS Eth miner!
▶ Profits lowest in 2 years ($0.014 per hash) but plateauing
▶ Eth price starting to climb off bottom we saw last week
▶ Blocktimes just exceeded 16 seconds!
▶ Bomb delay will be reset on block 10,050,000 as part of the Grey Glacier mainnet fork.
▶ Network hashrate down 20% from ATH - miners are temporarily shutting down, switching Algo's or exiting for good.
▶ Next Eth Dev (140 on 24th June) is happening soon...what will we learn?

Thanks for watching!
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