Stripe launched business infrastructure to support cryptocurrencies

With the recent surge In Bitcoin’s demand, a lot of companies tried to fill In the place of the Bitcoin provider, others were assisting the popularization of overall cryptocurrency and some even acted as the middle-man between crypto newbies and BTC providers, this is where Stripe comes in, a web3 paymnet solution for anybody who wants to go all in on the biction currency. With Stripe launching a new business to support crypto currencies, there is much to discuss about the new decision taken by the company, But first, make sure to leave a like and subscribe to our channel to get notified of our latest content.

Stripe partnered with FTX and to create price processing software for Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies. New services include price integration with exchanges, ID verification scaling methods, forex conversion deposits, and streamlined automation. While Stripe stopped accepting bitcoin payments in 2018, it has since doubled down on its hopes of a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency future. Stripe, the worldwide online price software program developer, is returning to Bitcoin adoption in a partnership with FTX and – after a hiatus in 2018 where they ended Bitcoin support – with its new crypto business infrastructure.

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