SUPER CRITICAL Crypto Juncture!! eBAY to Accept Bitcoin? Ethereum ETH Drastic Fee Drop!!

Bitcoin is on the crossroads of a MAJOR BEARISH INDICATOR and the RUSSIA-UKRAINE CRISIS!! Tether is SPIKING against the RUSSIAN RUBLE!! eBay is in talks about ACCEPTING CRYPTO PAYMENTS, Ethereum gas fees hit an ALL-TIME LOW!! Rakuten launches its own NFT MARKETPLACE!! Astar gets a HUGE NEW LISTING, and The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 is on its way!!

0:00 Major Headlines
0:32 Introduction
0:54 Crypto in the Middle of Russia-Ukraine Crisis
3:03 $USDT Tether Spikes Against Ruble
3:28 eBay Considering Crypto
4:03 Ethereum Gas Fees All-Time Low
4:32 Rakuten Launches NFT Marketplace
5:06 Astar Gets Listed on Binance
5:24 The Sandbox Alpha Season 2

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