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2. Use the video to tell the user where to recharge, how to recharge, and copy the payment address

Wallet, open the virtual currency wallet and use TRX to recharge. We will pay you **TRX. This video demonstrates a private wallet used for charging. You need to tell users that recharging is also a big income. You can tell customers to recharge at least 5TRX, withdraw profits, and get corresponding rewards

3. Let users share the promotion link, and the basic wallet can get TRX. First level user

Increase 30TRX, second-tier users increase 20TRX, third-tier users increase 10TRX.

If people sign up through a promotional link and recharge, then their promotional wallet will

At the same time get recharge amount, level 1 10%, level 2 6%, 3%

4. Basic wallet withdrawal demo and exit voucher

5. After the video is over, put your promotion link and our Telegram group link below the video.
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