T-Rex 0.25.8 | DUAL MINING IN NICEHASH using the T-Rex Miner Plugin Adapter | ETH+ALPH | ETH+CFX

In this video I will demonstrate how to use the T-rex Miner v0.25.8 to DUAL MINE in the Nicehash miner. Demonstrations include Dual Mining ETH+Alephium and ETH+Conflux.

When Dual Mining the primary algo (Ethereum) will be mined to the Nicehash, however the 2nd algo (Dual Algo) will only be sent to Nicehash is it is using an algo that Nicehash Supports for Mining, a correct Nicehash Pooling (Stratum) Server and Nicehash Wallet are properly configured.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: When mining coins like Alephium and other algos that are NOT currently supported by Nicehash - your Mining Revenue will NOT be sent to your Nicehash Wallet. It will be sent to the Wallet you specify when configuring the miner (along with the mining pool server). Make sure you configure the Mining Algo, Pool and Wallet correctly and confirm your mining revenue is properly realized by your mining pool shortly after you start mining

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