TAG Blockchain Society: 2020 Trends in the Blockchain and Digital Assets

TAG Blockchain Society: 2020 Trends in the Blockchain and Digital Assets 12/9/20

The Blockchain industry continues to grow and mature as the years progress. Future trends of blockchain and digital assets indicate there is no slowing down, and blockchain will continue to act as a catalyst for digital transformation. Notable players like Fidelity, Amazon, Wal-Mart have successfully identified effective business solutions using the blockchain technology, and with the rise of stable coins and Central Bank Digital Currency, we are looking at an increased participation from government and regulatory bodies. Take a closer look with our speakers at the trends in the industry, regulatory, and tax updates that made the news in the blockchain and digital asset space in 2020.

Kell Canty
CEO, Verady, Inc.

Austin Mills
Partner at Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP

Ron Quaranta
Chairman/CEO, Wallstreet Blockchain Alliance

Dr. Benn R. Konsyski
Emory University Goizueta Business School

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