Technical Analysis by Asad Rindani | Episode-4 - Urdu/Hindi (Free Course) Cryptocurrency Trading

Welcome to Episode-4 of Technical Analysis by Asad Rindani. In this course, we will take you from grass root level to ensure that prior to watching this course if, you didn’t understand anything about technical analysis, after watching this course you’ll be able to understand the language of technical analysis.

In Episode-4 we have covered the following topics:

• What is Momentum?
• What is Volume?
• How does Volume effect Momentum? (Normal Distribution)
• Effect of Momentum on Moves?
• What effects Momentum?
• Volume and Momentum in action

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00:00 - Introduction
00:53 - What is Momentum
01:45 - What is Volume
03:04 - How does Volume effect Momentum (Normal Distribution)
11:09 - Effect of Momentum on Moves
21:51 - What effects Momentum
33:11 - Volume and Momentum in action
44:53 - Conclusion
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