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what is metaverse | Top technologies used in metaverse like AR, VR, MR, XR, BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY, NFT, SMART CONTRACTS, DAPPS?
What is Augmented Reality?
Most of you must have heard of “Pokemon Go” which is an augmented reality mobile-based game.
In this game, the app uses GPS to locate and capture the virtual creatures designed to be superimposed in the real world
that is the user’s location.
The concept of combining the virtual world with the real world and interacting with digital creatures to 3D figures is called
Augmented Reality.

What is Virtual World?
A virtual world is a computer-generated environment with imaginary objects and sceneries that look real and give users the experience of immersive surroundings.
The technology behind this is known as Virtual Reality. Virtual reality headsets are used for experiencing the virtual world, which is a fully immersive environment. VR nearly replaces the real-world surroundings and creates a simulation that seems too real.

What is AI?
● Concerned with the creation and management of technology that can
learn to make choices and carry out tasks on behalf of people.
● AI is a broad term that encompasses a variety of technologies.
● The selection of the optimal algorithm to achieve a given
outcome is at the heart of AI programming logic

What is Metaverse?
✔Metaverse is generally used to define the concept of the virtual space that can create a new Internet using 3D virtual and augmented spectrum.
✔Behind the metaverse creations, many omnipresent technologies are involved: blockchain networking, crypto networks, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Extended reality, Mixed reality including Augmented reality and Virtual Reality, Non-fungible tokens (NFT), and many more.

Metaverse basic foundation
✔Metaverse is created using many technologies, but precisely to the combination of the internet, 3D items, Open standards for media, Open programming language standards, technologies like AR, VR, and MR and decentralized ledgers, and smart contract platforms like Blockchain.

Metaverse Basic Concepts
▶Metaverse can be extensively broken down into two platforms, namely blockchain-based metaverse and metaverse referring to virtual worlds.

Combining Metaverse/ Blockchain/ XR altogether
01. NFT has been included in metaverse which has further activated Web 3.0 and Blockchain 3.0.
02. We know, people tend to emerge themself in 3D or create Avatar characters.
03. In Metaverse, these characters are replicas that are recognized as cloves in real life. Here, users can create and showcase their individuality by employing NFT technology and can prove their uniqueness.
04. This is one of the examples that shows the combination of Metaverse, blockchain, and extended realities altogether

How does Metaverse work?
01. Decentralized Nodes- This is the one significant aspect that Blockchain has contributed to the world. A huge number of nodes are currently hosting the Ethereum network worldwide. Therefore, a Decentralized node provides major benefits to the blockchain metaverse. Blockchain also offers the consensus mechanism, which promotes high-level security for the metaverse foundation.

02. Portability- In metaverse, the content is not siloed. In simple words, any content uploaded on the Metaverse Foundation, whether it is an artwork or any other type of content, can be moved to any other application without any interference. Also, the Metaverse foundation can not change, modify, or take down that content

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