Tesla Sold $900 MILLION BTC?! Minecraft BANS NFTs! BREAKING Crypto News

Do Elon Musk and Tesla have paper hands?! New reports show they sold almost $1 Billion of their Bitcoin holdings. Minecraft bans NFTs and prosecutors raid crypto exchanges in Korea?! Crypto is insane as always - you better sub! https://voskco.in/Sub

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Cryptocurrency never seems to slow down - even in a bear market, there is so much happening and so much to keep track of! Bitcoin selloffs, NFT bans, full-on raids, hacks and legal nonsense are all headlines from just the last week. Does Tesla plan to sell more of their Bitcoin? Will Minecraft really ban NFTs and blockchain? What is the update on the Korean probe into Terra and Luna? Crypto exchanges are still pausing withdrawals, and NFTs are continuing to be scrutinized and hacked! Let’s dive into the latest crypto news!

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