The Best Business Show with Anthony Pompliano - Episode #69

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0:00 - Countdown
0:22 - START SHOW - 4Q - Shocktober Continues
3:40 - SoFi - Diamond Hands Club - Sign Up Today!
4:45 - Giveaway For Every 500 Likes!
6:10 - Bitcoin Bull Run Continues - Remains Over $60k Over The Weekend
19:10 - Giveaway For Every 500 Likes!
21:30 - Square Looking Into Bitcoin Mining
36:30 - Major Companies Should Put Bitcoin On Balance Sheet - Protection Against Inflation
42:00 - Giveaway For Every 500 Likes!
44:27 - Mark Cuban Is A Bitcoiner - Spoke With Bitcoiners In Twitter Spaces Over The Weekend - Takeaways From Conversation
58:45 - Giveaway For Every 500 Likes!
1:01:55 - BREAK - SoFi
1:03:30 - Eric Balchunas & James Seyffart - ETF Pros at Bloomberg - Bitcoin ETF explained and What The Future Holds For More Bitcoin ETF Approvals
1:41:40 - Will The Guys Buy The Bitcoin Futures ETF?
1:42:40 - Giveaway For Every 500 Likes!
1:44:15 - Ranger Update - Union Update - See You Tomorrow!
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