The BEST ETHEREUM Classic Crypto Miner, Just Got this INSANE UPGRADE!

In today's video you will learn about how I took The BEST ETHEREUM Classic Crypto Miner and gave it an Insane Upgrade! I call it the Ironman Arc Reactor Jasminer X4-1U Modification. In this video we remove the Stock 12,000 RPM ASIC Miner Cooling Fans that you can't hear yourself think listening to. Than replace them with 4 Noctua 3000 CFM Cooling fans! This Upgrade provides better Cooling with over 400 CFM in Airflow Upgrades as well as gets ride of that annoying sound the Jasminer Ethereum Classic Miner Makes! This INSANE UPGRADE will make Crypto Mining at Home with this Noisy ASIC Miner more bear able. Time to make sure Passive Income at Home with Crypto Mining again!

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