In recent years we have witnessed a continuous and growing development of what are called cryptocurrencies, or, as the name suggests, "hidden" digital currencies, which can only be found through an encryption process that includes the use of complex mathematical algorithms. They are stored in their digital places called “wallets”.
What is cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is digital money, typically decentralized, designed for use on the internet. In the decade following its launch, cryptocurrencies have grown as digital alternatives to government-issued money. Generally, people “buy and sell” their currencies on Binance, one of the largest platforms for cryptocurrency trading.
The cryptocurrencies that today can be "extracted" from the web are many and their number continues to increase exponentially. Lately, there is also much talk of Libra, a new virtual currency linked to the American giant of Facebook led by Mark Zuckerberg, destined to further change the relevance of the cryptocurrency economy.
Today the most widespread and well-known virtual currency is certainly Bitcoin. Born in 2009, over the years it has gained more and more space and importance in all sectors that are part of the Internet world. Its value has also increased over time, even reaching the record figure of $ 20,000 for Bitcoin in 2017. With this cryptocurrency, it is now possible to buy anything, make investments, play on the stock market and, unfortunately, use it to illegally procure products and servicesof any kind on what is referred to as the Dark web.

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Economic Impact of Cryptocurrencies
If we want to talk about the impact of cryptocurrencies on the economy, we can say that, although the transaction volumes and market values of cryptocurrencies are increasing, we cannot say that they have much effect on monetary policies since their use is still at very low levels. In order for cryptocurrencies to reach the volume that will affect the financialmarkets, they must be a substitute for the official currency. However, one country already adopted cryptocurrency as its currency form. El Salvador is the first country to allow cryptocurrency to use as a transaction item. People in El Salvador can buy anything by using Bitcoin. But other countriescould not legislate a regulation on cryptocurrencies, they are neutralbecausecryptocurrencies’ usage varies state by state.
Cryptocurrencies have become preferred when making financial investments.It is to ensure that transactions can be made without the need for shareholder or security issuer intermediaries, clearing institutions, intermediary institutions or custodian institutions in the financial markets through crypto. Financial assets acquired with cryptocurrency cannot be bought from traditional institutions using official money. It is also different from investing in cryptocurrencies. The fact that cryptocurrencies are taxed is actually a good thing because you can safely invest in cryptocurrency under the guarantee of the government and make a financial investment.
We see the relationship between cryptocurrency and economics in many sectors, even though the impact is small.For instance, education is an area where the potential use of cryptocurrency technology is increasing rapidly. Recently, some universities in Cyprus, Switzerland, the USA and Germany accept cryptocurrencies as education fees on their websites, and some online education institutions receive payment via Bitcoin. Travel businesses also allow the usage of thismoney, and the ability to buy flight tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals and cruises with this money accelerates the spread of this system.
The housing and real estate sector is another area where cryptocurrencies are being used the most. With the increase in the number of companies that accept payments with cryptocurrencies, it is thought that investments in this area will increase.
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