The Elrond Network's Vision as the Blockchain of the Future I Coin Talk

Join our Coin Talk panel today as they discuss Elrond and their vision as "the blockchain of the future."

0:00 - CoinTalk preview
1:27 - Beniamin Mincu's background and how he got into the space
8:08 - What are the main reasons why Elrond went with adaptive state sharding within the proof of stake consensus mechanism?
13:30 - The main reasons why Jarin was drawn to the Elrond network
15:05 - Beniamin's take on the Elrond Network and its time and place in the broader macro environment
20:54 - Joshua's comments on Celsius's role in bridging the traditional world with Defi
24:46 - Navigating the regulatory environment as it relates to the Elrond Network
27:26 - The economic design of the Egld token
37:06 - Beniamin's closing thoughts
37:53 - Jarin's closing thoughts
38:54 - Joshua's closing thoughts
39:39 - Disclaimer

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