The Elumicate Miner: Mine Crypto with Lidar and AI

In todays video we will be taking a look at the The Elumicate Lidar Miner. This crypto miner can earn ELUM Tokens for tracking both indoor and outdoor traffic.

Project Website Link:

Twitter: @FonzFindz
FonzFindz Discord invite:

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this video should not be considered as financial advice. I am not endorsing nor encouraging the purchase of a The Elumicate miner, ELUM Token, or any products associated with Elumicate. Cryptocurrencies are risky. Past performance does not guarantee future returns. If you choose to utilize this project token or device, it is done at your own risk. I do not currently hold positions of ELUM as of the posting of this video. This video should be viewed for entertainment purposes only.
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