The First Cryptocurrency Diversity Conference | Crypto For The Culture | Oct 7 2021

Brought to you by Crypto Tutors, the Crypto for the Culture Diversity Conference. Crypto For The Culture is providing representation, connective tissue, and unifying a fragmented industry where diverse leaders/investors are often overlooked. Until now! Attendees can be edutained, Learn actionable takeaways from each panel session, and apply to careers in crypto or blockchain.

Topics included Blockchain, NFT/Games, Success Stories, Crypto Security, Tokenomics, Careers in Crypto, Crypto Legislation/Governance, Trading, Technical Analysis, How to Research an Alt Coin, How to read a whitepaper, Staking examples, Defi, Web 3.0, Remittance, Crypto Funding.

0:00 Welcome to Crypto For The Culture
6:50 Intro Lisa Francoeur

23:50 Blockchain
Cuy Sheffield( Head of Crypto, Visa)
Hill Harper( Actor, Co-Founder, The Black Wall Street)
Rayshoun Chambers (CEO, Blockchain Chamber of Commerce)
Stefan Deleveaux ( CEO, Caribbean Blockchain Alliance)

50:30 Giveaways and Free Resources
Lisa Francoeur
Marina Spindler (Co-Author of Global Reports on Women, Crypto and Financial Independence)

1:08:06 Success Stories Part 1
Lisa Francoeur (Host and Crypto Rapper, CRO, Crypto Tutors)
Jim Jones (Creator of $Capocoin)
Isaiah Jackson (Author, Bitcoin and Black America)
Dawn Dickson (CEO, Popcom)

1:39:50 NFT Speakers
Micah Johnson (NFT Artist, Creator of Aku)
Sandra H (NFT and metaverse Futuristm Zilliqa)
Cas Patterson (Founder, SneakrCred Inc, and CEO of NFTYco)
Iris Nevins (Co-Founder, Umba Daima and NFT Black Art)

2:16:47 Play-to-Earn
Cassie Hinnen (CEO of ZapTheory)
John Wolfe (Founder, UE Games, and Tontachi)
Sira Toure (CTO of Defintansy)

2:50:15 Crypto Taxes
Pat Larsen (CEO, ZenLedger)
3:04:01 Careers in Crypto
Lisa Francoeur (CFO, Crypto Tutors)
Genesis Whitlock (Principal, Diversity Equity, and Inclusion, Gemini)
Sarah F Ellison (Professor and Researcher, MIT Department of Economics)
Lamar Wilson (Co-Founder, Black Bitcoin Billionaires)
Najah Roberts (Chief Visionary Officer, Crypto Blockchain Plug)
Bitcoin Vegan (Bitcoin Vegan)

3:51:37 Crypto Security
Mark Kreitzman (VP, Efani)
Haseeb Awan (CEO, Efani)

4:11:55 How to Research an AltCoin
Tinashe Nyatanga (Founder, Moonseekers- Educate, Execute, Enrich)

4:30:00 How to Read a Whitepaper
Mike Petrillo (Chief Strategy Officer, RedPanda Earth)
Deepark Nuli (Community Fund, Celo)

5:03:00 Technical Analysis
Justin Blount (Writer and Technical Analysis Expert, Trading View)

5:34:50 Staking and DeFi
Deidra McIntyre (Founder, Black People and Cryptocurrency)’
Michelle Tsng (Ceo, Elevate the Blockchain)
Yele Bademosi (Founder, Miscotractions and Bundle)
Moeti Ncube (Strategic Advisor, Crypto Tutors and Proof of Stake Operator_
Harry Alford ( Institutional Sales Manager, Coinbase)

6:08:47 Crypto Funding/Lending
Jeff Amico (Partner, Andreessen Horowitz)
Erikan Obotetukudo (Founder and Managing Partner, Audacity)
Ashlie Meredith (Vice President, MouseBelt)
Jomari Peterson (Founder, The Digital Reserve)

6:46:10 Crypto Legislation/Governance
Senator Carol Blood (Nebraska State, District 3)
Christine Parker (Partner, Reed Smith)
Cleve Mesidor (Founder, National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain)
Julie Stitzel (Bitcoin Policy Lead, Cash App)
Mayor Jayson Stewart (Mayor of Cool Valley, Missouri)

7:20:37 Web 3.0 Entertainment
Lisa Francoeur (CFO, Crypto Tutors)
Christel Quek (Co-Founder, Bolt Global)
Edwardo Jackson (CEO, Cinemadraft)
Elsa Ramon (Co-Founder, Cent TV[Crypto Entertainment News])

7:53:53 Success Stories Part 2
Ken Tanabe (Design Director, Digital Partnerships and Fintech, Visa and Founder, Loving Day)
Amber Baldet (Co-Founder, Clovyr)
Zach Burks(CEO, Mintable)
Tavonia Evans (Founder, Guapcoin)

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