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(The commission earned by inviting new users to recharge can be withdrawn immediately and credited to the account immediately. The more invitations, the more opportunities, and the higher the commission.)

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Whatsapp: 9136 7077

Cumulative deposit【5-20000 TRX】minimum daily income 5%
Cumulative deposit【20001-80000 TRX】minimum daily income 5.5%
Cumulative deposit【80001-250000 TRX】minimum daily income 6%
Cumulative deposit【250001-500000 TRX]】 minimum daily income 6.5%
Cumulative deposit【500001-1000000 TRX】minimum daily income 7%
Cumulative deposit【1000001-5000000 TRX】minimum daily income 8%
Cumulative deposit exceeds【5000001TRX】minimum daily income 10%

The higher the accumulated recharge amount, the higher the yield. This is a long-term stable income, looking forward to your joining~recommend recharge to get rich rewards! Lv1 recharge, you can get 13% commission; Lv2 recharge, you can get 5% commission; Lv3 recharge, you can get 2% commission. Your Lv1 users deposit 100TRX and get 13TRX commission; your Lv2 users deposit 100TRX and get 5TRX commission; your Lv3 users deposit 100TRX and get 2TRX commission. Refer more users to your promotion link, you will get more commission rewards, the bonus can be withdrawn immediately, unlimited!

Invitation to deposit bonus:
Level 1 user reward 13%
Level 2 user reward 5%
Level 3 user reward 2%
Unlimited Invitation Rewards

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