The Macro Forces Driving Bitcoin | Plan B & Jurrien Timmer

In this episode of On The Margin Mike Ippolito is joined by Jurrien Timmer Director of Global Macro at Fidelity & PlanB the anonymous quant investor & creator of the Bitcoin S2F model.

Jurrien & PlanB discuss the current macro forces that are driving markets from Fed rate hikes, yield curve inversion & equity market valuations. In the second half of the discussion, Jurrien & PlanB discuss valuation models for Bitcoin, how current market conditions could effect Bitcoin & what the next phase of Bitcoin will be as it enters the geopolitical landscape.
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00:36・The Fed's Rate Policy
13:17・Yield Curve Inversion
18:32・Bond Market Manipulation
27:21・Consequences Of Monetary Policy
31:46・Equity Market Outlook
38:12・Equity Valuations
43:04・Bitcoin Outlook In 2022 & Beyond
47:42・Fireblocks Ad
49:00・How To Value Bitcoin
1:02:36・Is The 4-Year Cycle Over?
1:10:41・The Next Phase Of Bitcoin Adoption
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