The most popular Play to Earn games- Blockchain technology and NFTS are changing the gaming industry

Play 2 Earn Games built on the blockchain actually pay you crypto to play
The top 3 games: Splinterlands, Alien Worlds, and Axie Infinity

Note this is by number of players, not revenue, according to Dapp radar
Splinterland tops the list with 328 thousand players per day
Alien worlds with a nice 197 thousand daily players and
Investor darling Axie infinity rounds out the list with about 95 thousand players each day

First lets go over
Number 1 on the Play to Earn list: Splinterlands, an online card playing game. Over half a mllion people play this game each week! NFT Cards can be bought, sold, and rented, and played against other players 1v1 using a deck of up to 6 cards
There is a free version of the game, but you can't earn crypto unless you buy a spellbook for $10 even then, it's hard to win any games and earn crypto unless you buy some cards
For people who want to play the game, I would recommend purchasing two cards-a tank and a damage dealer. For example, if your budget was $12:
When playing, you earn the DEC crypto, which can be used to buy cards
For investors, you can buy the SplinterShards or SPS token which currently costs 15 cents, down 85% from it's all time high so right now might be a good time to pick some up

Number 2 on the blockchain list is Alien Worlds
Alien worlds is a metaverse where players use NFTS to mine the Trillium, engage in battles, and complete quests. There are economic and political elements to the game, and 197 thousand players play each day. The game is free for people who want to try it out, and the Trillium token can be earned
For investors, the trillium token TLM is currently priced at 18 cents, down 97% from it's all time high

The Number 3 on the gaming list to earning crypto is Axie Infinity
Axie infinity is a mix between pokemon and a digital online card game
Axie infinity has made the most money, but has fewer daily players about 95 thousand per day
For people who want to play, you will have to purchase some NFTS, or enroll in a scholarship program
For investors, the AXS token has been the most popular among the Play to Earn games, ranked #34 in terms of market cap, much higher than the other two options. However, each token costs $75, down about 50% from a high of $164

Those are the three most played Play to Earn games
With hundreds of thousands of players playing each day, will Play to Earn blockchain crypto earning be the future of gaming?

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