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Introduce the platform to customers
1. This video teaches you where and how to earn 7% of your daily mining revenue. Click on the link to share your ad.

2. This video tells users where to charge, how to charge, copy wallet payment address, open virtual currency wallet and use TRX to charge.

3. Users sign up and charge by sharing ad links, and the original wallet can receive TRX rewards.
Advertising wallets also receive a 10% fee in the first row, 5% in the second row and 2% in the third row.

Cloud extraction platforms provide secure and sustainable liquidity extraction through DEFI smart contracts.
Users only need to deposit TRX to start a smart contract.
The smart contract automatically adds the user's TRX assets to the mining pool and allocates 8% of the fixed daily mining revenue.

How to receive 9999 TRX?
9999TRX was successfully obtained, just register on the platform

1. The main account has 5-5000 TRX deposit and daily withdrawal of 3% bonus.

2. The main account collects TRX 5001-500000 and a daily bonus of 4% is withdrawn.

3. The main account has collected 50001-500000 TRX recharges and 5% daily bonus will be withdrawn.

Note: Mining income is issued on a daily basis, the higher the deposit amount, the higher the income. This is a long-term stable income.

Or you can click on the list of promotional account products to choose an investment:

1. Investment cycle: 3 days Daily interest rate: 1.6%
Example: 200+ (200 * 0.016 * 3) = 209.6 TRX

2. Investment cycle: 7 days Daily interest rate: 1.8%
Example: 1000+ (1000 * 0.018 * 7) = 1126 TRX

3. Investment cycle: 38 days Daily interest rate: 6%
Example: 50000+ (50000 * 0.06 * 38) = 164000 TRX

Note: After the end of the investment cycle, the principal and income of the investment can be withdrawn simultaneously.
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