Are you ready for the next explosive cryptocurrency coin?

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Now, at the time of this recording, this is a tiny micro-cap coin.
It has a very small market cap of only 2 to 4 million dollar.
Its fully diluted market cap is only 8 to 11 million.

The price of this tiny crypto coin is sitting around 1 to 2 pennies, which is down more than 95% from its all time high of $1.50.

This coin has also been featured with IOHK and agrees with its mission to utilize the blockchain to disrupt overfed institutions.

And according to their Roadmap, they have some major updates coming very soon.

So what is the name of this coin and where can you buy it?
It’s called Ridotto. (SPONSORED CONTENT)

It’s only available on Uniswap and Pancakeswap at this time.

Will you buy some?

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