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Google Store APP download address: https://tron-xz.srl/tronsrlapp.html
Official Telegram Channel: https://t.me/tron_srl
TRON.Srl Official Cloud Mining Platform! ! ! Register now to get 9000TRX; 15TRX to activate the account, earn 9% to 30% of mining revenue every day, invite friends to join, get 19% commission, join TRON.Srl immediately and become the next millionaire! ! !
Headquarters official website: https://trontrx.srl
Official website online customer service: http://tron208.click/b

The official platform of the TRON.SRL mining pool, referred to as TRON.SRL, has been certified by the TRON Blockchain Financial Center and is a formal and legal TRON operator. Provide customers with the most stable, safe and efficient service! Since 2020, we and TRON headquarters have cracked down on more than 2,000 counterfeit platforms. If you encounter counterfeit platforms, you can contact us, we will cooperate with TRON headquarters to crack down, the official certification platform TRON.SRL

¡¾TRON.SRL Mining Platform¡¿Thanksgiving
To celebrate the breakthrough of TRON's market value, [TRON.SRL mining platform] thanks its members for their continuous support, and launched a triple gift to reward users who contributed bandwidth and energy to recharge

Event start time: October 17, 2022 03:30 EST

1.¡¾Reward users with 1000 million Trx red envelopes¡¿
1000 million Trx red envelopes are now officially launched! The maximum amount of a single mysterious red envelope is 900,000 Trx, the more investment, the higher the probability!
2.¡¾Invitation and Privilege Activities¡¿
From October 17th, EST, you can get 22Trx rewards and 14% commission by referring friends to register for investment and deposit more than 200TRX for mining;
3.¡¾Thanksgiving feedback cycle 2 products¡¿
Product 1: The investment cycle is 1 day, and the daily rate of return is 6%. Each user is limited to 1 piece, the quantity is limited, and it will be taken off the shelf after purchase!
Product 2: The investment cycle is 31 days, and the deposit will immediately send 20% TRX
Contact customer service after purchase to give cash immediately! Quantities are limited and sold out!
The final interpretation right of this event belongs to the TRONSRL mining platform
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