The Story Of "The Plan" & Dan Hollings - The Top Crypto Trading Course Mastery (official trailer 2)

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Dan Hollings is a #1 person on the planet to go to when wanting to learn about crypto trading and investing. Why? Because he literally tried it all, back and forth struggle to figure out how to make a profit. And what is more lucrative and still new on the market right now? It's bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain. The best time to get in to the cryptocurrency market is now, before the mass adoption starts. Just a little bit over 100 million people own crypto now and not many institutions have adopted crypto as legal payment tender, but for sure that is coming. Like Michael Saylor says, the biggest early day bitcoin enthusiast and founder and chairman of Micro Strategy Group that has some of the largest bitcoin asset holdings under management. But us as ordinary people, we are not so rich so we could afford to buy the millions of dollars worth of bitcoin to make it worthwhile and decent income, so we need something else. We need The PLAN!

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