The Week On-chain - Falling Dominoes as Miners and HODLers Capitulate (Bitcoin Onchain Analysis)

The Bitcoin market reeled from a massive deleveraging event, falling below the 2017 $20k ATH. Both on-chain DeFi markets, and off-chain entities deleveraged, as exchanges, lenders, and hedge funds were rendered insolvent, or liquidated.

Topics for Discussion:
- All-time-high in investors realizing losses on-chain.
- Prices plunge below 2017 $20k ATH creating market stress.
- Miners enter an observable phase of financial stress.
- Long-Term Holders distribute over 178k BTC at a loss.

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0:00 Introduction
2:20 Price Action and Drawdown
3:12 Realized Losses
4:45 MVRV Cohort Analysis
7:30 Market Profitability Assessment
9:53 Mining Difficulty Regression and Hash Ribbons
12:30 Mining Capitulation: Puell Multiple
14:40 Miner Net Position Change
15:25 Long-Term Holder Supply and MVRV
16:25 Long-Term Holder Spending Behaviour
20:25 Summary and Conclusions

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